Auto tracker APIs?

Just wondering if there are any possibilities for add-ons that would work with the raw data collected by the Auto tracker? Are there APIs for that piece of Clockify?

Hi there, currently it’s not possible to work with the Auto tracker data as it is only stored locally. What would be a use case for it? So that we could add it in the future.

I want to be able to extend the data set so that I can capture the reason that each in-focus window or tab is in use, plus a few other pieces of metadata.

Perhaps, because the data is kept locally, I wouldn’t need an API to access it. I could create my own db to sit alongside of your db, running in parallel. Do you have any info on how to read it? I know where it is located but not sure how to interpret it.

What I have in mind might be a really cool extension to Clockify.

Thanks in advance!

I understand. It would be an interesting extension. Unfortunately I can’t disclose how to access the data. We could add an Auto tracker export as a feature request and see to maybe make it available in the future.