Clients API returns CORS and status 405


I’ve just tried to use the endpoint for clients ({workspaceId}/clients) with my addon token, but it returns a cors error followed by a status 405.

Here is the redacted fetch that I used for clarity:

const response = await fetch(`${workspaceId}/clients`, {
      headers: {
          "X-Addon-Token": authToken,

I noticed that the /api part of the URL was missing. Sending the request to${workspaceId}/clients results in:

    "message": "API is not accessible.",
    "code": 401

Hi mittlus,

Thank you for your message. We’re already looking into it. We’ll try to solve it asap.

Hi, just checking in if theres any news on this

Hi, The problem should be solved now.
Please let us know if you encounter any other problems.